The Parish Office
St Peter & St Paul Church
The Street

Office hours:
9.30 - 1.00pm, Wed, Thur, Fri


Tel: 01483 277584

St Peter & St Paul
The Street, Ewhurst, GU6 7PX

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Directions: Approaching from the South, come into Ewhurst around a tight left hand turn with a sign for 'The Street" directly in front of you. Pass the Porsche garage on your right, after Mount Close on your right turn right into the village car park. From the North enter Ewhurst and pass the Bull's Head on your left, up a small incline, Infant School on your right, down the hill and turn left into the Village Car Park (just before you get to the street-parked cars ).

Disabled Parking
There are three places for disabled parking in the Rectory forecourt. These are only available on Sundays for those with mobility challenges. For other times in the week these spaces can be made available for access, deliveries or maintenance to the church buildings. Please phone ahead, either to the church office or direct to Rector Clare (otherwise you may find the gates locked). To access this parking, turn into The Glebe from The Street and immediately turn right into the driveway of the Old Rectory Nursing home. Follow the drive, keeping to the hedge and this leads to the Rectory.

NOTE: Please do not park in the Old Rectory Nursing Home car park or by the War Memorial (this is private property, with pedestrian access only, to the church).

St John The Baptist (Okewood Church)
Off Standon Lane, Walliswood, RH5 5QT

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Directions: Approaching from the West, head down Standon Lane, past Gatton Manor for about half a mile. On a sharp right hand bend there is a lane off to the right. From the East, you'll be on Standon Lane and encounter a fairly steep dip down to a bridged stream with white saftey posts. Here, you're a few moments from the turning, this time a left turn. Now you're on the lane to the church. Head down there for about half a mile and parking is available both immediately at the bottom of the hill beneath the church and, when the gate is open, you can proceed up the left hand access road to the car park at the top. At busy times you can park down the approach road.

Holy Trinity
Ockley Road, Forest Green, RH5 5SG

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Directions: Approaching from the West, enter Forest Green Village (signs visible) and after about quarter of a mile you the road will open up to a large green on your right. There is a small white sign (slightly leaning) that says "To the church". Turn right there and draive up the short track to the car park. From the East you'll come in from Ockley or Horsham and pass an blacksmith's forge on your right. Turn left at the sign previously mentioned.

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