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Baptism ("Christening") The first step of faith

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Baptism is usually conducted during a service of public worship on Sunday morning at 10.30 am in the church of your choice.
In this way your family can be welcomed by the people of the church as a whole.  However, if this is not possible, alternative times and days can be arranged.

Video rights within the church can be arranged on an individual basis.
It is best to contact a member of the clergy, as soon as possible, once you have decided on Baptism, as various details need to be sorted out before the Baptism ceremony.  The parent(s) are expected to have meetings with the clergy member who is going to do the baptism. This is so that all aspects of the ceremony and its meaning can be discussed and sorted out well before the ceremony.

Our Baptism Application Form which can be downloaded here.

When completed, it should be sent to the  Parish Office at

TABLE OF PAROCHIAL FEES for Baptism certificates and Marriages 2024

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