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Our Churches


St Peter & St Paul
The Street, Ewhurst  GU6 7PX

The church of St Peter & St Paul has stood on the hill in the centre of the village for over 850 years and the Christian community who meet there reflect the diverse makeup of the village.

It is an integral part of village life and was voted the most important community asset after the village pub.  At least one service is held every Sunday as well as services to mark special Christian and national festivals.  The church is open every day and both the village school and pre-school have services and visits to the church.  It is regularly visited by the children staying at Sayers Croft Rural Centre and members of local History and Bell Ringing societies. This is due to both the age of the church and its special bells, having a full eight which is unusual in such a small village church.


1st Sunday  | 10.30am  Morning Worship
2nd Sunday | 9.00am Holy Communion BCP

                    | 6.00pm Evensong
3rd Sunday  | 10.30am Holy Communion CW
4th Sunday  | 9.00am Holy Communion BCP

Each Month at St Peter & St Paul


St John the Baptist, Okewood
Church Lane, Wallis Wood  RH5 5QT

St John the Baptist, Okewood Hill, was originally a chapel of ease to Wotton. It was built c1220 of hard chalk and firestone rubble which was rendered, and has a Horsham stone slate roof. Apart from some limited modifications in the mid 15th century, including extending the nave, the chapel remained largely unaltered until the late 19th century when the building was extended to twice its original size by the addition of a north aisle, vestry, new spire and north and west porches.

Over the years, major repair works have been necessary at St John’s, including in the mid 15th century, throughout the first half of the 18th century, again in 1867, and then only 12 years later when extensive rebuilding was undertaken in 1879. Further works were carried out in 2014.


       1st Sunday | 10.30am  Holy Communion  
       2nd Sunday | 10.30am Morning Worship
       3rd Sunday | 10.30am Morning Worship

                          | 3.00pm Forest Church
       4th Sunday | 10.30am All Age Service

Each Month at St John the Baptist


Holy Trinity
Ockley Road, Forest Green  RH5 5SG

This Church was built by Charles and Christina Hensley of Pratsham Grange, Tanhurst Lane as a lasting memorial to the eldest son, Everard, who was fatally shot by his cousin while rabbit shooting in 1892.

Everard Hensley had been born on Trinity Sunday 1874, hence the reason for the dedication of the church to the Holy Trinity. It is a small building built of local Surrey brick, and capable of seating 90, the interior is simple and completely lacking fuss. Colour is introduced by the stained glass in the five East windows, all of which are dedicated to the Hensleys or their cousins the Burneys. On the extreme right are the windows for Ernest Charles Everard Hensley, 1874 - 1892, depicting a youthful face. In the belfry are two manually operated bells.


      4th Sunday | 6.00pm Evening Worship

      5th Sunday | 10.30am All-Parish HC

Each Month at Holy Trinity


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