Prayer is a critical part of parish life. People who pray together, grow together. Not just talking and crying out to the Lord, but also listening to his voice: for comfort, direction, conviction and encouragement. All are welcome.

Mondays | 10am | St John The Baptist, Okewood, RH5 5QT

Thursdays | 9am | St Peter & St Paul, Ewhurst, GU6 7PX

Our very own Belinday Kerry also produces a God-bathed monthly prayer diary for our parish. Access it here.

We have recently launched our Prayer Space initiative which invites people to sign up to recieve emails detailing prayer requests from members of our parish.

If you would like to be part of the Prayer Space please email Liz at

Also if you would like to submit a prayer for yourself, your relatives or a friend please email Liz on the above address. If you are submitting a prayer for someone else please check with them first to obtain their permission.




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