We are very blessed to have three wonderful churches in our Parish, each with their own style of Sunday worship. It means within a three mile square we can pretty much cater for everyone. Click here for service times.

There’s a traditional service in Ewhurst with a robed choir at 10.30am (and if you like early mornings and the Book of Common Prayer, a service at 8.00am).

Then there’s a 10.30am service at Okewood Church which is very friendly and informal.


At Forest Green at 6pm we have a lovely contemplative evening service.

All churches have things going on for the kids which provide Christian teaching in a fun way. Sunday Schools and Youth Clubs happen on both sides of the parish. There’s even a puppet show at Ewhurst.  Fun Family Worship is about to be relaunched in September 2019 at Forest Green.

Follow us on Facebook to find out when it’s all happening.

There are also ways of meeting with fellow Christians across the parish (and these are open to all). There are home groups where we meet to pray, study the bible and praise God together. There are breakfast meetings regularly happening (see Facebook). We also meet regularly to pray - Mondays 10am at Okewood Church and Thursdays 9am at Ewhurst.

Wherever people are gather to praise and engage with Jesus, we see that as "church". Again, you are most welcome to all the church that is going on.

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Page last updated: 17th July 2019 10:42 PM